ScopeDome 3 mtr Observatory (fully automatic)
A permanently mounted telescope in its own observatory dome - your own private observatory. That is the dream of many amateur astronomers. The ScopeDome observatory turns this dream into a reality that is easily within your grasp.

Persuasive Quality:
This observatory dome is made from 6mm thick glass polyester laminate, which guarantees complete protection against all environmental conditions and simultaneously provides a high level of stability, with longevity guaranteed. Special reinforcement on the inside of the construction provides an additional increase in stability. The water-tightness of the dome is guaranteed by the special design of the joints, which prevent ingress of water to the inside the dome. A large air gap in the base and the light colour of the dome prevent excessive heating up.

The large observing slot, with a width of 1m, allows unhindered observing for telescopes with diameters of up to 90 cm. The observing slot has been designed in such a way that an unobstructed view right up to the zenith is possible using the telescope. Problem-free rotation of the dome is taken care of by the rollable base, which is carried on 16 plastic rollers.
The advantages:

- modular construction kit of multiple elements
- quicker, simpler assembly
- highly transportable
- high weather resistance and durability
- observing at the zenith possible
- aesthetic design
- weight only approx. 200kg
- optionally, with Plug and Play option

Technical Data:

- Base diameter: 2.6m
- Height: 2.4m
- Weight: approx. 200kg
- Observing slot dimensions: 100x150cm
Options for the 3M v3 dome:

- Door Option for 3M v3 dome
- Rotary Drive
- Shutter Drive
- ScopeDomeUSB card ver. 2.0 system with power contacts, limit switches and
  dome position encoder module (all neccesary parts)
- Heating System for motors and electronics (avaliable only together with Plug And Play Option)
- Plug And Play wiring for 3M dome with waterproof boxes
- Semi Plug And Play for Manual Dome Controll
- Optional Custom Colour - RAL palette except metallic - per one colour

  SCD3M EUR 7675,- excl. VAT and shipping