AF160KP Permanent pier for DMM160
Product features: 
- The Astrofox Modified Equatorial Pier For The
   DDM160.  Mount will be fabricated so that it can
   support  the DDM160 mount.
- Ideal for the astronomer who wishes to use a
   DDM160 mount but have it supported by a study
   pier designed by Astrofox! 
- Allows the user to perform a convenient alignment
   to their local geo-equatorial plane.
- This Pier will be custom made to the customer's
Including in Delivery:
Pier including DDM-160
Controlsoftware Autoslew
Sequence Software
1 pcs Counterweight 17 kg
1 pcs Counterweight 34 kg
1 pcs Dovetail plate 500 mm/30 mm (optional other plates available)
1 pcs Counterweight shaft 750 mm (optional 1000 m available)
1 pcs Control unit including Power Supplies 24V/20A and 12V / 10A
1 pcs Power cord for Power Supply 5.0 mtr

  AF160KSP EUR  34850,-  excl. VAT and shipping